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One of the reasons I love November is that it is a month dedicated to gratitude.  As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., we spend the days and weeks leading up to it giving thanks for what we have and expressing our gratitude to others.  It’s definitely a feel good time of the year.  What about when […]

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Sunday is set aside as a day of rest.  Or at least, it is supposed to be.  Sometimes, Sunday is used to catch up on things left undone from the previous week and/or to prepare for the upcoming week.  It also is a day that can be riddled with anxiety, thanks to the Sunday scaries. One day of […]

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Lately, I have been saying aloud, to myself, to my husband, to my cats and to anyone else who might be within earshot, this simple phrase.   I am so happy. This statement pops into my head and out of my mouth, both randomly, and in response to something that has evoked feelings of happiness or joy.   I […]

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Normally, I shy away from posting pictures of myself, as I am much more comfortable sharing my words than I am my photos.  This picture, though, is more than an unfiltered shot of me, in my pajamas, no less.  It actually is a moment of pure joy that was years in the making and that I was […]

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Nature is a powerful teacher that offers daily life lessons.  It teaches us that there is beauty all around us in sunrises, sunsets, clouds, plants, and pretty much anywhere we look, if only we pay attention.  The change of the seasons reminds us that there is a natural rhythm and flow to life and that changes unfold […]

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Fifty-More When I was younger, I used to think that whoever first uttered the phrase, Life begins at fifty, only said this to make themselves, or someone else, feel better about getting older.  Then, I turned fifty and was pleasantly surprised, and grateful, that this was actually true.   The night before my fiftieth birthday, I stayed up and […]

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